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What Makes A Meme So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One? | Kierex Events

What Makes A Meme So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One?

We love YouTube here in the office, it’s a great tool for learning new skills, keeping up with trends and learning more about the world around us.

One billion hours of YouTube is watched worldwide every day, and some of the content created on YouTube has gone on to influence traditional media.

How does YouTube infiltrate the everyday world, well its often via a Meme (pronounced Meem, with a long E sound)? I’m sure you have seen videos of the Mannequin challenge, either via Facebook, or a TV show has done their own? Well, that’s how something becomes a meme.

We’ve always had Meme’s, I’m sure you know the famous Keep Calm and Carry on trend, well that’s very much a meme these days and one that designers often use with clever and dramatic effect.

YouTube is especially important in propagating meme’s, YouTube celebrities are even called influencers because they have the power to influence culture and people’s habits.

And this is what they take over, people want to be in with the cool kids, remember when Ellen took a Selfie at the Oscars? Well when you watch awards show these days, or go to a concert, it’s almost standard for the person on the main stage to take a selfie now. Ellen made it cool! And everyone wants in.

Using a meme can be a great tool for conveying messaging during your event, they are often fun, and a great rallying point for delegates. However, they can also be used to share and create a story. Perhaps think about asking your delegates to join in on the current meme or viral sensation when they are attending your event.

A well-executed meme will resonate with people, both attending and not attending, however one thing to keep in mind is the timing, your Meme has to be relevant. A lot of these memes can come and go in the space of a few weeks and overstay their welcome (we’re looking at you Harlem Shake).

Last week VidCon took place in America, a three-day celebration of all things YouTube, and for us, one particular highlight came from BuzzFeeds Try Guys, who made a pretty spectacular tribute to all things Meme and Viral, and we thought we’d share it with you. See if you can recognise some of the meme’s and characters.