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Inspiration Tuesday: Perfume – Everyday | Kierex Events

Inspiration Tuesday: Perfume – Everyday

As an event design and production company we try to keep ourselves inspired all the time. One of the larger sources of inspiration often comes from the music industry. Music videos can often set trends for the music at our events, the visuals can inspire set design, lighting and staging, even the event literature design.

One of my personal favourite inspirations is a Japanese pop group called Perfume. They often merge digital design and live performance to create visual masterpieces. Their work in video mapping, use of drones as part of their music performance, augmented realtiy as part of a live and broadcast performance, the list really does go on.

This is their latest song, a commercial tie in for Panasonic's new Awa (Bubble) washing machines (don't ask, just accept that in Japan commercials are done very differently). The song is the perfect summer song, giving visions of being on holiday near a beach enjoying the Sun, sea and cocktails.

However the big stand out for me during this commercial is the brilliant use of lighting and stage design. The flouting clouds overhead synched in time with the music, the fun and fluffy clouds surrounding the stage with internal lighting pulsing with the dance performance all come together to create a simple and fun performance that really stands out.

I can see this type of staging also working if applied to a corporate event, such as an awards ceremony or inspiring and themed conference.

Its important to be open to inspiration when designing events, the smallest thing can spark a vision for the whole event.

While my love of Perfume is very niche, their creative designs and production can often times inspire the creative process and help move and event idea forward.

If your planning and event and need some help with the creative elements, please do get in touch, we'd love to chat with you and see if we can inspire your events.

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