It’s never to early to think about the office Christmas party.

Christmas is a truly special time of year, we love it here in the office, and we’re not ashamed to admit that the playlist often starts earlier than it should.

There’s something special about the festive season, people are genuinely happier, and reflective about the past year. So, perhaps it’s the best time for you to consider celebrating this year’s business success, by holding a festive party for your employees.

Your staff have worked hard, they’ve smashed targets and you want to celebrate that success. A Christmas party could be the best way to engage your staff after a year of hard work, and spread a little festive magic.

It’s important to recognise when your staff have performed well. By celebrating their achievement in style with a festive party you can go all out — and what better excuse is there other than Christmas?

You could also use the occasion to hold a recognition event to highlight any outstanding achievements you may have had in the past year. After all, a well-rewarded and engaged workforce is a more motivated workforce.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your staff Christmas party, bear in mind that a lot of venues book out quickly, sometimes as early as January, so it’s never too early to start planning.

Christmas too busy for your business, but you still want tocelebrate the season? Why not try a Nightmare before Christmas party, a bit earlier? That’s certainly something we’d love to help you with.

Recognition events: Are you recognising the success in your business?

It’s important for any HR Manager to find a way to promote continuous improvement within their organisation. However, it’s often hard to acknowledge this and generate enough interest with your staff.

The best way we have seen to achieve this is by holding an awards night — celebrating the achievements of your workforce by holding a ceremony dedicated to their hard work.

Your workforce is sure to be motivated if they know they can look forward to a Gala party thrown for them. Also from an employee engagement, what better way to showcase your amazing talent in house than giving them the spotlight for the day.

We have also worked with clients who have leveraged the cost of having a venue and production for the day to hold two events. One during the day for internal staff, to recognise their achievements. Then one in the evening to host a gala dinner for a targeted list of clients and business partners. It’s a great way to help promote the business, and impress your clients.

This way it’s possible to share the cost against the marketing and HR budget, and to only take senior members out of the business for one day, rather than two, or more.